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My work is primarily abstract and incremental. The accumulation of many small lines creates abstract forms that are suggestive of objects or landscapes. I relate the drawings to many things: nests, networks, webs, traps, nets, hair, vines, space, maps and more. I also consider the works to speak to the interconnectivity of actions and associations. I frequently relate the action of making marks with the repetitive actions of my daily life. Seen separately, they have little consequence, but when overlapped and accumulated they become something of value.  

I mainly choose to work in large dimensions because the scale allows the viewer to feel as if the objects in the drawings could be physically approached. The feeling that one could be softly supported or entangled and trapped by the objects I draw interests me. The dichotomy of the feelings of softness and stiffness, harmless and ensnaring, recognizable and abstract is reminiscent to me of people’s relationships and interactions with each other. Like interactions, the drawings are both welcoming and frightening at the same time.